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4 Weeks

2 Days/Week

2Hours / class

Class Timings

 Monday and Tuesday
6:00 pm – 08:00 pm



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Course Overview

Design is an inseparable part of everyday life. From interacting with every object one uses to every space one resides in— design has the power to influence our everyday experiences. This influential power of design is also very much relevant when the user is a child. A playful, stimulating and sensitively designed environment can have a positive impact on children’s learning and development. Hence, this short course will introduce basic principles of space and material design with an underpinning of early childhood education and learning through play. 

The course will motivate participants in finding their own creative strengths and enhance those through hands-on exercises. We believe that everybody can design and design does not have to be complex or costly, but it should be coherent with the context. In this process, what we need is an experimental mindset, appreciation for beauty and the courage to fail and try again. 


Course Objective

To introducea range of concepts and theories related to designing environment, space and materials for child development

To identify the scope of design and the process of creativity in understanding and working with the relationship between environment design and child development.

To develop technical and creative skills through hands-on workshops and exercises to plan and design appropriate environments promoting children’s playful learning.

To cultivate the mindset for co-designing with children and the wider community in a way that is cost efficient and promotes local culture

To harness the power of the design process in building awareness and advocacy for learning and healing through play while promoting equity.

Learning Outcomes Outcomes

Course Breakdown

  • Day 1

    Role of Design and Creativity in Playful Learning issues

  • Day 2

    Design Thinking and the Creative Journey

  • Day 3

    Learning and Co-creating with Communities

  • Day 4

    Everyday Aesthetics in Designing for/with Children

  • Day 5

    Co-designing Innovative Play Materials with Children

  • Day 6

    Playful Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Day 7

    Designing Environment for Play and Learning

  • Day 8

    Final Assignment