3 Days

Class Dates: Oct 30 & Nov 1,3

2 Hrs/Class

Class Timings

06:30pm to 08:30pm



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Course Overview

The course is about introducing the participants to processes and tools to conceptualize and implement web-based instructional methods. The 6-hour course is divided into 3 days of synchronous and asynchronous modality with a “Course Project” that will enable the participants to implement the learning from the participation. The participants will be given hands-on experience with some state-of-the-art engagement web tools that they can use to deploy an online session/course and track students’ engagement through learning analytics. The participants will also also be given an overview ( with basic hands-on) of popular Learning Management Systems: MOODLE and Google Classroom.

Course Objective

Equipping the participants with methods and tools for the conceptualization and implementation of sessions for an online class

Hands-on practice on easy yet effective tools for active students through the web

Learning Outcomes

  1. Reflection on the understanding of instruction technology and application
  2. Application of various web-based tools for teacher-student communication and lesson delivery
  3. Development of interactive content
  4. Demonstration and application of a popular Learning management system
  5. Creation of a lesson plan with web-based tools

Why This Course & Why Us?

  1. In-depth discussion and exercise on steps to PLAN, CHOOSE and IMPLEMENT web-tools
  2. Hands-on exercise of popular E-learning Tools
  3. In-depth discussion about Learning Management System
  4. Opportunity to build a course in MOODLE LMS
  5. Opportunity to relate every content with own life & reflect from personal life experience
  6. Online modality
  7. Certificate of completion

Course Breakdown

  • Day 1

    Connecting learning design with technology

  • Day 2

    Tools for effective student engagement through the web

  • Day 3

    Introduction to Virtual Learning Environment and tips to take an effective online class