Mental Health: Empathy

Why it Matters for Personal and Professional Growth

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Course Duration: 12h

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30th November, 2022

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29th November, 2022

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About course

This experiential learning course will create insight into the necessity of empathy to enhance both personal and professional development. As such, participants with a deeper understanding of empathy will learn to acknowledge the effectiveness of empathy across different stages of personal and professional life. Additionally, this course will aid participants in recognizing the significance of empathetic communication, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness for improved interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. Furthermore, participants will discern undermining the negative aspects of empathy to become better leaders. This cumulative understanding of empathy gathered from this course will assist participants in implementing empathetic practices for individual, professional, and collective growth.

Course objective

  • To create an enhanced understanding of the importance of stepping into others' perspectives through empathy and acceptance.
  • To develop empathy for personal and professional progress.
  • To become better leaders through implementing empathetic skills.
  • To enhance interpersonal relationships via empathetic communication practices.
  • To encourage a greater understanding of human emotions, socioemotional identification and emotion management via empathetic perspective.
  • To promote individual, interpersonal, professional and collective growth via empathetic practices.

Course feature

  • 6 days
  • 12 hours
  • 2 classes per week
  • Wednesday and Thursday
  • Live class through zoom
  • In-course activity through BRACU LMS

Learning outcomes

  • This course will help participants to understand themselves from an empathetic point of view to aid personal growth
  • Participants will use empathetic skills learned from this course to make substantial gains in their respective professional lives
  • Participants will learn more about enhancing their interpersonal relationship via empathetic practices


Day 1: Understanding Empathy

Day 2: Developing Empathy

Day 3: Empathetic Communication

Day 4: Emotion and Life

Day 5: Empathy: Avoiding pitfalls

Day 6: Practicing Empathy