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During turbulent times we seek to be connected. When the government of Bangladesh enforced social distancing due to COVID-19, we immediately recognized the need to find a way to stay connected with our families and keep the children engaged during these uncertain times. A crisis should never stop us from engaging with children! A crisis should never stop us from working with frontliners and it should never stop us from standing beside parents and caregivers. Telecommunication technology can have a phenomenal impact in uplifting children and their caregivers during a crisis as it can help us nurture important relationships and stay connected through the most difficult times. It paved a way for us to still stand beside families while also supporting the frontliners. The development of our telecommunication model. Pashe Acchi (Beside you) has allowed us to provide our beneficiaries with psychosocial support while engaging the children in learning through playful approaches over the phone. We recognized now more than ever, the importance of the relationships that our frontliners and playleaders have with children’s individual families. It has highlighted once more that the learning and wellbeing of children cannot stop under any circumstances.


Dr. Erum Mariam

Executive Director, BRAC Institute of Educational Development (BRAC IED)

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