Qualitative Research in Practice

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Course Duration: 20h

Class Starts

22nd January, 2023

Registration Deadline

21st January, 2023

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About Course

This is an introductory course on qualitative methods. Participants will learn and practice qualitative research designs, sampling, ethics and methods, and this research approach’s analysis procedure. This course is designed to guide the participants in developing a research proposal. For this purpose, the course aims to develop participants’ understanding and planning skills and prepare research. During the course, they will be guided in the various steps or stages of developing their research proposal: identifying their research topic, formulating research questions, selecting appropriate methodology, and developing a research plan.

Course Time

  • 5 weeks
  • 2 days in a week
  • 2 hours per class
  • Class Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Class Days: Monday & Tuesday

Course Feature

  • Demonstrate understanding of the key features of research paradigms, qualitative approach and genre
  • Develop skills to identify the problem, questions, along with the conceptual and theoretical framework for research
  • Design qualitative research methods and tools; practice basic skills on citation and referencing
  • Show skills in sampling strategies, data collection, analysis, and interpretation strategies of qualitative research design

What I will learn?

  • Increased ability to design research by meaningfully connecting different key components of the research.
  • Skills in selecting and formulating research topics, and questions.
  • A better understanding of the process of literature review and its relationship with a conceptual framework.
  • Skills in developing methods, processes, tools, data collection, and analysis strategies for research
  • Skills using software for referencing and qualitative data analysis.
  • Better understanding and sensitivity to various research issues, including ethical concerns.
  • Increased skills to summarize the research findings derived from data interpretation.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize the steps and components of a thesis writing process


Day 1: Course Introduction, Concept and paradigms of Research, and Qualitative Research

Day 2: Qualitative Research Genre and Research Problem

Day 3: Research Question and Literature Review

Day 4: Conceptual and Theoretical Framework

Day 5: Citation and referencing (APA) and Using Mendeley

Day 6: Research Participants, Research site and Data Collection Methods

Day 7: Research tool development, Field experience and Ethics of Research, and Data collection

Day 8: Analyzing Data, Using QDA Miner, and Interpreting Data

Day 9: Developing Research Proposal and Structure of Research Report/Article

Day 10: Research Proposal Presentation