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Course Overview

The course discusses key theories, concepts and techniques to create an enhanced and effective teaching learning experience for learners. It covers child and adult learning theories, pedagogic approaches and major concepts related to assessment and curriculum. After completing this course participants will be able to apply the learner-centered pedagogy principles with an increased awareness regarding equity, biasness and inclusion in teaching and learning to establish an effective learning environment for learners.

Course Objective

Introduce diverse concepts, theories, and issues on climate change in different contexts.

Address the gap in understanding the connection between climate change and the range of emotions it carries.

Develop participants’ analyzing and planning skills to design everyday green practices.

Address the gap in understanding the connection between climate change and the range of emotions it carries.

Revise everyday activity to identify the scope and combine common aspirations through shared knowledge, skills, and values to create collective impacts.

Manifest the state of mind and heart to co-design contextual climate actions with communities.


Connecting knowledge and emotions to create collective impact towards the world in the era of climate change; with a humble mindfulness, various interactive manners and an empathic attitude through thought exercise, video discussion, case discussion, situation analysis, brainstorming and action plans.

Learning Outcomes Outcomes

  1. Understand the concepts and current scenarios of the world of climate change and its impact on mankind and nature. Identify the aspect of human needs that assist the understanding of the relationship between their everyday action and impact on the environment.
  2. Reflect different approaches to sustainable living for conservation through socio-emotional resilience.
  3. Revising everyday activity to identify the scope for developing greener habits through self and social adaptability.
  4. Combine common aspirations through shared knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to create collective impact to battle the climate crisis as a Global citizen..

Course Breakdown

  • Day 1

    Introduction to Climate change issues

  • Day 2

    Empathy towards nature and nature responsive lifestyles

  • Day 3

    Climate change vulnerabilities

  • Day 4

    Role of socio-emotional learning in creating climate resilience

  • Day 5

    Climate change education in building sustainable communities

  • Day 6

    Climate actions as global citizen

Why This Course & Why Us?

  • A unique course that connects the global problem- climate change and its emotional aspect.
  • Unfolding various climate concepts, myths and perspectives through interactive and brainstorming activities.
  • Nudging participants to become agents of climate protection.
  • Practicing emotion regulation and motivation for climate actions.
  • Introducing simple green and sustainable practices that could be adapted by both individuals and communities.