Learning to Lead: Cultivating Skills for Effective Leadership

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Class Starts

12th June 2022

Registration Deadline

11th June 2022

Regular Course Fee

8000 BDT

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70 USD


2 Days

2 Hours

10 Classes

Course Structure

  • Class timing: 06:00pm to 08:00pm
  • Class days: Sunday & Wednesday
  • Video conferencing through Zoom
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Course Requirements: Class Attendance and Participation

This course will engage the participants in critical analysis of key theories and concepts of leadership, planning, and management. The main purpose of the course is to enable the participants to understand the process of creating effective organizational processes and performance by using appropriate leadership styles, planning, decision-making strategies, conflict resolution strategies, motivation, mentoring, and communication.

To enable participants to:

  • Develop leadership, management and planning knowledge, and skills in order to create an effective working environment/effective management;
  • Apply various decision-making models to make effective decisions and different forms of incentives to improve organizational climate and employee behaviors;
  • Develop their supervision and mentoring skills and provide feedback to their employees to improve existing situations.


  • Day 1
    Nature of Leadership: theories and approaches
  • Day 2
    Nature of Leadership: theories and approaches
  • Day 3
    Emotional intelligence and leadership role
  • Day 4
    Models of different planning frameworks
  • Day 5
    Communication approaches and effectiveness
  • Day 6
    Decision-making tools as a process
  • Day 7
    Conflict management
  • Day 8
    Mentoring, Supervision and feedback
  • Day 9
    Motivation and its application
  • Day 10
    Leading change: Approaches to organizational change