8 Day

4 Weeks

2 Days/Week

2 Hours / class

Class Timings

 Tuesday and Thursday
  6:00 pm – 08:00 pm



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Course Overview

The methods and tools to create and design comes easy when the heart, the head and the hands are connected. A true heart that cares for the planet, its people, its cultures and most importantly its children can create and design out of anything and everything. And these designs- whether space or materials or even activities for children have a great impact on shaping children’s learning and development. Hence, in this short course, participants will be introduced to concepts and tools of sustainability, diversity, art, interior design and landscaping to create for and with the children. 

This course will enable participants to use different design tools to plan, budget and create various types of indoor and outdoor play environments which are inclusive and sustainable. In this journey, what we need is the openness and courage to learn and experiment with new skills to create and co-create.

Course Objective

Explore a range of design concepts, frameworks, and tools related to designing environments and materials for children’s playful learning and development.

Address essential concepts of design such as sustainability, diversity, cost-effectiveness, etc. to produce designs that address the immediate and wider social-geographic context.

Develop participants’ technical skills of mapping, drawing. sketching, budgeting, construction, etc. to document user needs, ideate innovative designs, and create realistic solutions.

Learning Outcomes Outcomes

Course Breakdown

  • Day 1

    Sustainable Design for Children

  • Day 2

    Design for Diversity

  • Day 3

    Art Appreciation and Artistic Expressions

  • Day 4

    Interior Design for Children’s Playful Learning

  • Day 5

    Mapping and Drawing as Design Tools

  • Day 6

    Landscape and Playground Design for Children's Development and Well-being

  • Day 7

    Construction and Budgeting

  • Day 8

    Final Assignment