Hope for Life
BRAC Hope Festival 2023

The three-day “Hope Festival,” which was a component of BRAC’s 50-year march, got underway on February 9th at the Army Stadium in Dhaka. The three-day event was planned around the themes “The World We Want to Build,” “Possibilities of Possibilities,” and “Bangladesh in the Heart.” The event was intended for kids. However, audiences of all ages, […]

Build a World of Play Event

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Celebrating BRAC Play Labs.
“Build a World of Play”

The LEGO Foundation started the #BuildaWorldofPlay campaign to celebrate its 90th anniversary of creation. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, BRAC joined the campaign as a partner with a focus on the local context.  The nationwide “Build a World of Play” celebration began with approximately 100 Material Development Workshops held in community-based touch locations such […]