Film Festival

BRAC IED organized a film festival curated by the Academic team, marking an integral component of our enriching learning series. This event offered colleagues an exclusive platform to connect, enjoying carefully selected films that provided a delightful escape from daily routines, allowing them to immerse themselves in the enchantment of cinematic artistry.

The festival not only facilitated a shared experience but also reinforced the organization’s commitment to holistic development by integrating cultural engagement into the work environment. This initiative reflects our dedication to fostering a well-rounded and vibrant community within BRAC IED.

Beyond being a mere cinematic celebration, the festival fostered a relaxed atmosphere, nurturing connections and a collective appreciation for the art form. This communal experience not only allowed colleagues to engage with each other in a different context but also showcased the organization’s commitment to promoting a holistic sense of well-being and engagement among its members.

Demonstrating a forward-thinking approach, the festival incorporated elements of sustainability and community involvement. Colleagues were encouraged to contribute to the festival’s eco-friendly ethos by bringing recyclable materials, earning a festival ticket in return. These materials, ingeniously sourced from our storage, adorned the office premises, including the ticket counter, hall room backdrop, and popcorn counter. This creative use of recyclables not only showcased our commitment to sustainability but also instilled an eco-friendly spirit within our community.

As a highlight of the festivities, an exciting raffle draw was organized, where prizes were awarded to the winners. This added an element of anticipation and joy to the overall celebration, making it not just about the films but also about the shared experience and camaraderie among colleagues. The film festival, with its blend of cinematic delight, sustainability initiatives, and community engagement, stands as a testament to BRAC IED’s dedication to creating enriching and memorable experiences for its members.


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