[Webinar] INEE Publication Launch: Mind the Gap and Closing the Gap – the State of Girls’ Education in Crisis Contexts

Mind the Gap: The State of Girls’ Education in Crisis and Conflict summarizes progress, gaps, challenges and opportunities in improving education and training for girls and women affected by conflict and crisis.

The report is accompanied by Closing the Gap: Advancing Girls’ Education in Contexts of Crisis and Conflict, a policy paper summarizing key findings and recommending actions for implementers, policymakers, and donors to address the gaps identified in the delivery, planning, funding, and monitoring of girls’ and women’s education in crisis contexts.

The purpose of this webinar was to promote uptake of the Mind the Gap report and Closing the Gap policy paper. The webinar situated the report and policy paper in the broader gender and EiE landscape, including global commitments like the Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education. Speakers presented the content of the report, and highlighted key findings, gaps, and recommendations. Findings were illustrated by a moderated discussion on the case studies in the report.


  • Kathleen Flynn-Dapaah, Global Affairs Canada
  • Emma Spicer, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
  • Ruth Naylor, Education Development Trust 
  • Sebastien Hine, UNESCO IIEP 
  • Amy West, Education Development Center
  • Abdifarhan Gure, CARE
  • Kuri Chisim, BRAC
  • Fabio Mancini, NRC
  • Laura Davison, INEE
  • Lauren Gerken, INEE

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