Moner Angina

“Moner Angina” sessions at BRAC IED create a compassionate care system, uniting colleagues in a soothing environment. These group sessions provide a vital platform for expressing feelings and sharing experiences, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. Participants realize they are not alone, finding solace and strength in shared journeys. Through collective sharing, participants discover […]

World Mental Health Day 2023

BRAC Institute of Educational Development (BRAC IED) marked World Mental Health Day with a significant and thoughtful celebration, reflective of their commitment to promoting mental well-being. World Mental Health Day serves as a significant platform for raising awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting the collective well-being of individuals. This year’s theme, ‘Mental Health is a Universal […]

Honouring the
Bonds of Fatherhood

It was heartwarming to hear from the staff of BRAC as the Father’s Day Celebration 2023 was filled with heartfelt stories, tears of joy, and cherished memories. The sessions at the BRAC IED office premise, filled with emotions, laughter, and unforgettable experiences, created a meaningful and engaging atmosphere. It’s incredible how fatherhood can transcend traditional […]


It was a wonderful and heartfelt celebration of Mother’s Day at BRAC IED! The “Let it Go, Let it Flow” expressive session seemed like a meaningful way to acknowledge and honour the emotional journeys of mothers and to create a supportive and caring environment for them. It was amazing to see that BRAC IED values […]

The Festival of

The MELA festival organized by the Master of Education (EDU 505) students at the BRAC IED premise, Brac University must have been a truly inspiring experience. It’s wonderful to hear about the efforts to explore innovative approaches to creating low-cost and no-cost learning materials. Alternative assessments that push boundaries and encourage creativity are essential in […]

Who said “going green”
Couldn’t be fashionable and fun?

The “Hygiene Day” celebration at BRAC IED was a blast! The staff collaborated in groups on May 7, 2023, and competed for the title of the most inventive while maintaining an organized and green environment.  Recycled play materials and plants were used to enliven each office floor. The staff members themselves also made sure that […]