The Play 2.0 Expedition

From March 14 to March 16, 2023, a small group from BRAC IED and BRAC Uganda travelled to Billund, Denmark, for the inaugural meeting of their new project, “PLAY 2.0 – Strengthening high-quality ECD programs through assessment.” This project aims to establish a collection of instruments that can be used globally in both school and home settings to examine how adult interaction affects children’s learning for the 0–12 age cohort.

To co-create a shared vision and aim for the project employing many LEGO bricks, they collaborated with colleagues from the Education Development Center (EDC), Street Child, JET Education Services, The Unlimited Child, AeioTU, RTI International, NYU Global TIES for Children, and the LEGO Foundation. After the conference, the team was ready to start working with the other consortium members.


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The visit was part of a collaboration between BRAC IED (BRAC Institute of Educational Development) and the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE)