Co-creation for the
Nature & Community 

The co-creation workshop held at Jhenaidah was a remarkable event that brought together the participants of BRAC IED, renowned architects Ar. Kh. Hasibul Kabir and Ar. Suhailey Farzana from the Co. Creation Architects (CCA) and the local community. The workshop aimed to celebrate the connection with nature, foster human-to-human relationships, and promote inclusive practices for sustainable solutions.

Throughout the week-long workshop, participants engaged in interactive sessions and collaborative activities. The event focused on creating an environment where parents of the invited children, their teachers, and the broader community could come together and contribute their ideas and perspectives. This inclusive approach allowed for diverse voices to be heard and emphasized the importance of acceptance and understanding.

The workshop showcased the power of co-creation, where participants worked together to develop innovative solutions that were both sustainable and tailored to the needs of the community. By involving the local community in the design and planning process, the workshop encouraged a sense of ownership and empowerment among the participants.

The event also provided numerous inspiring moments that highlighted the positive impact of building connections and fostering human-to-human relationships. Through shared experiences and collaboration, the workshop created a space where individuals could learn from one another and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by children and their families.

Overall, the co-creation workshop at Jhenaidah successfully demonstrated the potential of inclusive practices and community engagement. By celebrating the connection with nature and promoting human-to-human relationships, the workshop fostered a sense of unity, empathy, and sustainable problem-solving.


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