Sierra Leone Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) Visits Bangladesh.

The Education Minister of Sierra Leone, Minister David Sengeh, visited Bangladesh from October 22 to October 26, 2022. The purpose of the visit was to receive technical assistance and support from BRAC International in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECD), funded by the LEGO Foundation. The visit aimed to explore BRAC’s work in ECD and education and learn about the partnership model between BRAC and the government of Bangladesh in implementing and scaling quality education.

The delegation from Sierra Leone included the education minister and seven high-level government officials. They were joined by a representative from the LEGO Foundation, two representatives from Right to Play, and one representative from the Education Outcomes Fund. The entire exposure visit was led by the Executive Director (ED) of BRAC International on behalf of BRAC and BRAC International.

During their stay, the delegation visited various educational facilities in Bangladesh. On October 23, 2022, they visited BRAC’s Play Lab in two government primary school settings and the Pathrai BEP Accelerator School in Manikganj (specifically, Doshchira and Dubulia Danga). The following day, on October 24, they visited a BRAC Primary School in Dhamrai, Savar. Additionally, they had the opportunity to visit a beneficiary family from Doshchira. A team of 16 colleagues from BRAC, including members from BRAC International (BI), BRAC Education Program (BEP), and BRAC International Education Division (BRAC IED), accompanied the delegation during the visit.

Overall, the visit served as a platform for the education minister and government officials from Sierra Leone to gain exposure to BRAC’s successful education initiatives in Bangladesh, specifically focusing on early childhood education and the partnership model between BRAC and the government.


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