Team of BRAC IED visit
The Annual Partners Meeting in Turkey

The meeting, held in Turkey from May 23 to 25, 2023, brought together the project’s partners, which include Sesame Workshop, IRC (International Rescue Committee), and BRAC. The Play to Learn project is funded by the LEGO Foundation and focuses on Early Childhood Development (ECD) interventions in international contexts.

During the meeting, the partners engaged in discussions regarding the fundamental components of successful ECD interventions in international contexts. They likely explored topics such as best practices, effective strategies, and innovative approaches to promote early learning and development. The partners also likely shared their experiences and knowledge related to ECD programs in different countries and contexts.

The group may have discussed technical issues and learning legacies identified in 2022, which could involve reflecting on the project’s past activities and outcomes. This reflection would help inform their future strategies and interventions. Scale and sustainability were likely key considerations as well, as they aimed to develop approaches that can be implemented on a larger scale and maintained over time.

Contextualization of ECD programs is another important aspect that the partners discussed. This involves adapting interventions to suit the local cultural, social, and economic contexts in which they are implemented. By considering the unique needs and circumstances of the communities they serve, the partners can ensure that their programs are more relevant and effective.

In addition to discussions, the partners co-planned the delivery tactics for the technical package, which likely refers to the resources, materials, and methodologies used in the ECD interventions. Planning the delivery tactics ensures that the project’s interventions are implemented consistently and effectively across different locations.

Overall, the meeting served as an opportunity for the Play to Learn partners to collaborate, share knowledge, and strategize for the future. By working together, they aimed to improve the impact and reach of their ECD interventions, ultimately benefiting children in international contexts.


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